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Tue, Jun. 25th, 2013, 05:23 pm
brainstorm > brain cloud: my hypothesis

I've been having the sort of creative crisis for the past few weeks where "writing" becomes a word that means "the process of tabbing between approximately 4 google docs, muttering Why Do I Suck So Hard At Everything I Attempt Forever as an incessant mantra, daily, for hours at a time".

And as much as I feel a twinge of guilt for ignoring my Dreamwidth but for silly request memes, WHO IS IN THE MOOD FOR A SILLY REQUEST MEME?

Specifically this one, because I'm still fond of the results:

Give me a pairing (or a 3+some) and I will give you a brief summary of their totally overwrought love story! It will be like a Harlequin romance, except I have very little idea of how Harlequin romances actually work, so probably it won't be like that at all.

Fandoms are anything I'm familiar with, and if I'm left staring blankly I'll ask for a new prompt. (Strong contenders include Homestuck, Spin State & sequels, subsections of the DCU, Good Omens, incomplete swaths of Trekverse... but this is not an exhaustive list. Eg, I listened to Welcome To Night Vale yesterday, and completely forgot until this sentence.)


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