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Like Scratches in the Sand

a history in silicon

16 April
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Hello, everyone. Greetings, salutations and insert your favourite genial expression of welcome here. I was going to do a deep, insightful summary introducing myself, but luckily I remembered I don't *do* deep and insightful. You are spared!

So then... I'm Karen, and I'll be your purveyor of crack for the moment. I've been fannish about *something* for nearly all my life, and this is very much a journal of things which amused me at the time.

Usually, you can expect any of the following:

-making fun of things, esp. comics
-fan fiction, esp. as it pertains to making fun of comics
-bits and pieces from other fandoms, such as Good Omens and House
-things having to do with science
-things which make me happy

If you're curious about what that means in practice, here are a few of the highlights of 2005 and 2007, conveniently wrapped up so I don't have any excuse to bring out examples of how witty I really am.

And of course, because this is LiveJournal:

I like to say I don't have a friending policy, but by definition, of course, that isn't true. I'm merely adverse to using filters. I can more or less keep up with the flist feed I have at the moment, so if I don't add you back, it's nothing personal. Chances are I'm still checking out your journal occasionally, and as I rarely f-lock, you aren't missing anything either.

Feel free to add me, ignore me, or, if it turns out you've come to the wrong place after all, un-add me. I don't mind.

Anonymous comments are screened in this journal, but only because it's been infested with spam bots. I'll let them through as soon as I'm convinced you're not trying to sell me penis enlargement pills.
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